- After you purchased a course, please confirm by sending an email. Besides your first and last name and the course you purchased, mention exactly how your name should appear on the certificate after completing the course.

- Dr Luc has retired from practice and will not take on any cases: find here contact details of his successor Farah Gron

- If you need any help with the course, you may contact the course moderator Rene at any time, if needed a live support session can be organized.


- Dr Farokh Master wil treat cases of confirmed Corona infection of homeopaths themselves who have been infected with the covid-19 virus.
Please let us know what the situation is and we will try to setup an appointment for you.
Although Farokh offers free of charge, for people from developed counties a donation of minimal 100 euro is highly appreciated. Farokh will us this money for his clinic in India, for those patients who do not have any money to pay for any medical treatment, for hospital fee, x-ray's etc.


- For Luc's courses: Please use the contact form or send to lucdeschepperlive@gmail.com

- For Farokh's courses: Please use the below contact form or sent to farokhmasterlive@gmail.com