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Farokh Master About the Corona Epidemic/Pandemic

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We hope also that  Farokh has enough time to prepare an extended elearning course about the same topic soon.

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Free webinar part one - Differentiating the most frequent remedies for stage one

An infection with Corona (Covid-19) develops in different stages.

Farokh discusses in this video a few of the remedies most often indicated in the beginning stage of a Corona infection.

Download the text of all four lectures.

Free webinar part two - Continuation differentiating the most frequent remedies

Continuation of the differentiation if most often indicated remedies for Corona (Covid-19) infection.
The video shows last part of stage one, and remedies for stage two. 

Free webinar part three - More serious situations

Continuation of the differentiation if most often indicated remedies for Corona (Covid-19) infection.
The video shows the more serious situations. 

Free webinar part four - A few unknown remedies & repertory additions

This video has been removed by YouTube censorship unfortunately!!

In this part Farokh discusses three lesser known remedies for critical situations.

Download here the text of all 4 lectures.

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Other information & links

The Corona (covid-19) infection has a wide range of seriousness. There are even infected persons who do not notice any symptoms at all, but they still can infect others.
- In this video on 7min 45sec an overview is shown of the different types of seriousness:  'No to Mild' symptoms 80% , 'Severe' 15%, 'Critical' 5%.
The critical group has a high death rate. The mentioned numbers vary per country but roughly is about 2%.

- Attention: always monitor your patients closely, even from the mild category a few can get breathing problems suddenly and quickly become critical. Or some people can be mildly sick and then seem to be improving, but then suddenly get breathing problems.

- Always check your local official government medical website to follow recommended advises.
- For example the British Medical Journal website has useful tips on Corona, and useful info-graphics.

First Italian study on 50 Covid-19 patients

Download here a report on the result of Homeopathy with 50 patients.


André Saine Covid-19 links

- Webinar 1, 28 March: See video, Download text

- Webinar 2, 2 May: See video, Download text


About the (MMPP) materia medica pura project from André Saine

The "Group Summaries"release 1 (the mentioned 186 remedies has been increased to 204 remedies):

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